Student Services

The Student Affairs Office helps to maintain an environment that enables students to get the most out of their management education.  Student success and satisfaction are supported directly and indirectly through a variety of programs and services.

Direct support to students includes advising on matters such as course selection, academic problems, team effectiveness and personal issues that may affect academic performance. Policy and procedure guidance is provided to students who are petitioning for transfer of credit or applying for international exchange programs.


Each academic program has a specific administrator available to counsel students on any aspect of the programs. These administrators provide advice regarding course work, waivers, and transfers, in addition to general program planning and information.


The Professional Development Center offers workshops and seminars focused on helping students develop their professional skills. In addition, the center provides resources to enhance students' success in establishing a career in the demanding arenas of health care.


The International Student Services Office in American Liberty University assists international students in all matters related to admission, immigration, and visas.

International applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit a minimum score of 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and certified transcripts that have been translated into English. Information concerning the availability of this test in foreign countries can be obtained by contacting TOEFL, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA. Such applicants complete the Evidence of Financial Support form and submit it to the Office of Admissions.


For students enrolled at American Liberty University, a student services coordinator is available to assist them with registration, housing, financial aid, and other special needs.


This service is offered to assist doctoral students with the research skills needed for progression through the dissertation process. Presentations cover research design, instrumentation, data base construction, and step-by-step progression for quality research projects.


Student associations operate on each Department of American Liberty University and all students are eligible to become members. All students pay a Membership Fee on enrolment and these funds enable student associations to provide facilities and services.

American Liberty University has a student association that is governed by a student committee made up of directly elected student representatives and office bearers. This committee is responsible for administering the finances of the association. The student associations aim to enhance University life by providing the best possible facilities, services and opportunities for participation. They aim to represent and safeguard the interests of students in matters affecting common rights and privileges through advocacy and representation. The student associations are a recognized means of communication between students and other parts of the University.

Services they provide may include:

    • academic support and advocacy
    • education interest groups
    • housing and accommodation services
    • financial advice on student-related matters
    • bookstore
    • publications
    • social and cultural activities
    • clubs and societies
    • sporting and recreational activities

Student associations exist for the benefit of members and all students are actively encouraged to participate. Participation can be a bonus activity recognized by prospective employers.

There are many areas of interest within the college/department associations that can enhance University life. Involving yourself in the cultural, social, sporting and educational forums offered through your college/department association can be rewarding both personally and professionally.

Each student enrolled at American Liberty University will be a member of the Student Association operating under the guidance of the Dean of Students Affairs, the Student Association also sponsors for fundraising events and other activities to enhance the social atmosphere and provide extracurricular release and stimulation

The Student Association will headed by a President, Secretary and Treasurer who also function as liaison of the student body in dealing with the University's Administration.

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