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Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Ph.D.)

The objective of the doctoral program in Business Administration is to prepare students for academic careers in higher education and management careers in both profit and nonprofit organizations. Success in the program is judged by the student's understanding of the issues and methodologies essential to the advancement of knowledge. Doctoral work is based on the achievement of academic and research competencies. A student who participates in a doctoral program of study is expected to strive for the knowledge and skills necessary to develop excellence in teaching, to conduct quality research, and should at all times maintain the highest ideals of academic integrity and scholarship.

  1. Each major may specify different requirements for this category. Consult the program coordinator for a specific major.
  2. All doctoral students are required to take two applied statistics courses. The major will specify other research tool courses.
  3. Each major will require some education related to teaching. It may take the form of classes, seminars, mentoring, or a teaching requirement.
  4. The student must successfully defend a written dissertation proposal in an oral examination conducted by the student's dissertation committee. The final defense of the successful dissertation will require a final oral examination that concentrates on, but is not limited to, the student's dissertation defense.


The student may complete a comprehensive Examination. This examination has written and oral parts, and covers the candidate's program of study. Students are admitted to candidacy after satisfying all general degree requirements, passing the comprehensive examination, fulfilling the residency requirement, and successfully defending a written dissertation proposal in an oral examination conducted by the student's advisory or dissertation committee. 


Each doctoral candidate is required to complete a dissertation that embodies original and independent research and demonstrates advanced scholarly achievement. As soon as possible after a student's admission to candidacy, and during or before enrollment in the Dissertation Course, the student forms a dissertation committee.
The dissertation committee consists of a minimum of three members. Two shall be chosen from the faculty of the Department of Business Administration; the third may be a member of the faculty of another Department within the American Liberty University, or an appropriate doctorate holding person outside the University. The Chairperson and committee are chosen by the student, approved by his/her advisor, and then formally appointed by the Dean or Chairman of the Department of Business Administration. 
The candidate in a public oral examination shall defend the dissertation. Official approval of the dissertation committee is required. Committee members certify their acceptance by signing the title page of the dissertation. Three signed copies of the dissertation, one original and two clear copies should be filed in the College of Business Administration. 
The submitted dissertation becomes the property of the American Liberty University, but the University does not limit the author's right to publish the results. 

Admission Requirements/Application Procedure 

Priority to the Ph.D. program is given to graduates of accredited master’s degree programs in business administration. Individuals admitted with a bachelor's degree in business administration are required to complete a program of master’s courses in business administration at the American Liberty University as a requisite to entry into doctoral courses. Applicants must provide evidence of the following:

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  1. Complete the Application for Admission and submit it with a non-refundable check or money order for $110.00 payable to American Liberty University
  2. A Master’s degree in Business Administration (or equivalent); or a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from an accredited or recognized institution.
  3. Three letters of reference affirming the applicant's potential for scholarly, investigative, and creative endeavors regarding business administration.
  4. Submit official transcripts from the previous colleges and/or universities.
  5. A statement of educational objectives, specific focus of research, and program and career goals.
  6. Provide two current color passport size photos.
  7. Optional: It is recommended that applicants submit course descriptions of Masters Degree courses to assist the Admissions Committee in determining if prerequisites have been met.


Ph.D. Graduation Requirements

A student is eligible for graduation in the Ph.D. program when the following requirements have been met.


  1. Satisfactory completion of all requirements in the program of study developed in consultation with the faculty members.
  2. Satisfactory completion of 72 credit hours, including four research foundation courses, seven concentration subject courses, up to four elective courses, and a dissertation.
  3. Maintain a cumulative 3.2 GPA or higher.
  4. Satisfactory performance on the Comprehensive Examination.
  5. Successful completion and defense of the dissertation.
  6. File a petition to graduate.
  7. Fulfillment of all financial obligations to the University.

Ph.D. Course Requirements (72 units):

Research Foundation Requirements: 15 units (each course 3 semester credits unless noted)
Students are required to take the following four courses:
BUS7001           Business Research Writing
BUS7002           Advanced Research Methodology
R7032                Experimental Research Methods 
R7034                Advanced Statistical Methods
R7103                Business Research Methods 
Concentration Requirements: 24 hours
Students are required to choose a concentration. Students must take at least seven courses from within their concentration.Accounting Concentration (each course 3 semester credits unless noted)

Students are required to take the following six courses:
BUS7251           Research Methodology in Accounting*
BUS7252           International Accounting and Taxation 
BUS7253           Advanced Seminar in Managerial Accounting
BUS7254           Advanced Seminar in Financial Accounting 
BUS7255           Development of Accounting History and Theory                       
BUS7261           Advanced Seminar in Auditing
Students choose two of the following courses:                                                                     
BUS6202            Corporate Taxation
BUS6205            Advanced Accounting 
BUS6252            Accounting Theory and Policy
BUS6253            Auditing 
BUS6254            Accounting Information Systems
BUS7258            Selected Accounting Topics
BUS7259            Independent Study in Accounting

Health Care Administration (each course 3 semester credits unless noted)
Students are required to take the following five courses:                                                              
BUS 7501     Healthcare Industry Trends and Analysis 
BUS 7502     Healthcare: Political and Social Environment
BUS 7503     Seminar in Healthcare Administration 
BUS 7504     Healthcare Ethics and Issues
BUS 7511     Independent Study in Healthcare Administration

Students choose three of the following courses:                                                                       
BUS6303       Marketing Research                
BUS6502       Legal Perspectives in Healthcare Organizations
BUS6501       Finance and Accounting in Healthcare Organizations
BUS6509       Special Topics in Healthcare Administration
BUS7101       Seminar in Leadership
BUS7403       Management Science
Information Systems Concentration (each course 3 semester credits unless noted)
Students are required to take the following five courses:
BUS7403       Management Science 
BUS7704       Information Resource Management 
BUS7706       Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation
BUS7709       Research in Information 
BUS7710       Advanced Information Systems Seminar*
Students choose three of the following courses:
BUS7701       Advanced Data Base Management 
BUS7702       Decision Support Models 
BUS7703       Artificial Intelligence
BUS7705       Telecommunications and Computer 
BUS7711       Independent Study in Information
International Business Concentration (each course 3 semester credits unless noted)
Students are required to take the following five courses:
BUS7601       Multinational Marketing Strategy 
BUS7602       Global Management Models* 
BUS7603       International Financial Management 
BUS7606       International Monetary Economics 
BUS7607       Comparative Economic Systems
Students choose three of the following courses:
BUS7407       International Human Resource Management 
BUS7604       Seminar in International Business 
BUS7605       International Trade Law 
BUS7609       International Project 
BUS7611       Independent Study in International Business 
BUS6601       International Trade Practice 
BUS6602       International Economics 
BUS6604       International Marketing 
BUS6608       International Organizations 
BUS6609       Special Topics in International Trade
Management Concentration (each course 3 semester credits unless noted)
Students are required to take the following five courses:
BUS7401       Advanced Organizational Behavior
BUS7402       Advanced Human Resource Management* 
BUS7403       Management Science 
BUS7404       Stress Management Control 
BUS7405       Business Policy Seminar
Students choose three of the following courses:
BUS6401       HRM/Personnel Administration 
BUS6402       Personnel Law & Regulations 
BUS6404       Compensation Management 
BUS6405       Training & Human Resources Development
BUS7101       Seminar in Leadership
BUS7406       Ethics in Business and Management 
BUS7407       International Human Resource Management 
BUS7410       Selected Management Topics 
BUS7411       Independent Study in Management 
BUS7602       Global Management Models 

Marketing Concentration (each course 3 semester credits unless noted)
Students are required to take the following five courses:
BUS7301      Marketing Decision Models 
BUS7302      Marketing Management Seminar 
BUS7303      Advanced Consumer Information Processing 
BUS7304      Advanced Marketing Research* 
BUS7305      Advanced Marketing Seminar
Students choose three of the following courses:
BUS6301      Promotion Management 
BUS6302      Consumer Behavior 
BUS6303      Marketing Research 
BUS6604      International Marketing
BUS7310      Selected Marketing Topics 
BUS7311      Independent Study in Marketing 
BUS7601      Multinational Marketing Strategy
* These courses should be taken after the student has completed some research foundation courses and concentration courses.

Electives: 15 units
Students choose up to 5 electives from the courses listed above. Additionally, students may select electives from 700 and 800 level courses in other departments of the University, with permission of the Dean/Program Director.

Dissertation: 18 units
DI7930         Dissertation Proposal          non-credit
DI7931         Dissertation Research I       6
DI7932         Dissertation Research II      6
DI7933         Dissertation Research III     6
Electives                                                        6

Students choose two of the following courses:
Electives Courses (each course 3 semester credits unless noted) 
BUS6201        Investment/Portfolio Management 
BUS6203        Money and Banking 
BUS6204        Advanced Finance 
BUS6208        Case Studies in Finance 
BUS6210        Special Topics in Finance 
BUS6290        Directed Independent Study (Finance) 
BUS6309        Special Topics in Marketing 
BUS6390        Directed Independent Study (Marketing) 
BUS6403        Labor and Management Relations 
BUS6409        Special Topics in Human Resources 
BUS6490        Directed Independent Study (Human                                      Resources)  
BUS6503        Risk Management 
BUS6504        Quality Assurance in Healthcare Organizations 
BUS6505        Government Regulation in the Healthcare Industry 
BUS6509        Special Topics in Healthcare Administration 
BUS6590        Directed Independent Study (Healthcare Administration) 
BUS 6690       Directed Independent Study (International Trade) 
BUS 6821       Advanced Topics in International Business 
BUS 6820       Business in Europe 
BUS 6824       Independent Study on NAFTA

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