American Liberty University operates on a semester academic calendar system, with three equal 15-week academic terms in each calendar year. Students in all American Liberty University programs must select, register for and attend a schedule of individual classes, until such time as all of the required classes in the student's enrolled program have been successfully completed.

The student enrollment agreement indicates both the total tuition for the student's chosen program and the per-unit tuition rate for the student's enrollment. Actual student tuition charges for each semester are based upon the tuition rate shown on the student's enrollment agreement. The college earns student tuition throughout each student's program on a strict pro rata basis based upon the total number of units each student attempts, as determined by the number of units registered on the student's Registration Form for each term. The total tuition charged to a student over his/her study program may exceed the total program tuition indicated on the enrollment agreement if the student fails to satisfactorily complete any required classes as registered and must, as a result, repeat the class(es) prior to graduation from the program, or if the student completes classes which are not a part of his/her required program as set forth in the Enrollment Agreement.


American Liberty University offers a unique financial plan for those students interested. We offer an interest free monthly payment plan equal to the number of months for the duration of studies, so the student can complete payment prior to graduation.

Note: Each semester's tuition and fees must be paid in full during same semester, either at the start or with equal monthly payments.


American Liberty University accepts VISA, MASTER CARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS from students for tuition expenses and textbook purchases.


Application Fee $110.00
Bachelor Degree $175.00 per units*
Master Degree   $195.00 per units*
Doctoral Degree  $240.00 per units*
Diploma of Acupuncture (D.A.) $7,500.00 entire program *


Other Fees and Expenses

Textbooks and other Supplies Vary per course
Housing  May vary
Transportation May vary
Student Association $55.00
Foreign Student Processing $150.00*
Returned Check $50.00*
Repeat processing $75.00*
Transcripts $25.00
Registration (per semester) $35.00*
Course Make-Up Exam $110.00
Late Registration $50.00*
Course Challenge Exam  $125.00
Add/Drop Course   $25.00*
Late Tuition Payment  %5 of payment due
Student I.D. Card   Free (one time)
Dissertation Processing Fee $1,275.00*
Malpractice Insurance (If Necessary) Figures depend upon insurance carrier
Graduation Processing $415.00*
Graduation Ceremony and Banquet Announced annually


All fees and tuition are payable in full at the time of enrollment for each course unless other arrangements are made through the Office of Business and Financing.


Students may cancel their enrollment at any time and will receive a refund for the part of the program not taken. To cancel enrollment, students must mail or deliver a signed and dated copy of the Notice of Cancellation form, or a written statement requesting cancellation, to the American Liberty University. Any notification of withdrawal or cancellation, and/or requests for refunds, should be submitted to the American Liberty University in writing.


If enrollment is declined by the University, any tuition fees paid to the University will be refunded in full. (The $110.00 Application Fee is non-refundable.)


A seven-day full refund period is in force after acceptance by the University. During this period, all tuition monies paid will be refunded upon written notice of cancellation if received within seven (7) business days following the day of the first scheduled class in the student's program. The Notice of Cancellation must be received by the University within that five-day period to receive a full refund. The $110.00 application Fee is non-refundable.

If students cancel or withdraw after this seven-day period, they may be entitled to a partial refund. Students have a right to withdraw from the University at any time and request a refund for the part of the program paid for but not taken. The amount of that refund shall be prorated according to the percentage of the program completed less the cost of an administrative fee. The refund shall be calculated in the following manner:

Percentage of Course Conducted Tuition Refund
10% 90%
25% 75%
50% 50%
75% 25%
76% No Refund

Refund Policy for Distance Learning Program:

Percentage of Course Conducted Tuition Refund
1-7 calendar days, inclusive-all fees 100%
8-15 calendar days, inclusive - excludes University fee and activities fee 80%
16-29 calendar days, inclusive - excludes University fee and activities fee 50%
More than 30 calendar day No Refund

All Notices of Cancellation and/or requests for withdrawal/refund will be processed promptly upon receipt by American Liberty University. Appropriate refunds will be sent by check within thirty (30) days after American Liberty University receives the Notice of Cancellation form or written withdrawal/refund request. Refunds due directly to students will be mailed to the address written on the Notice of Cancellation or withdrawal request.

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